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Côte d’Ivoire:

Texts to increase parent engagement in school (EDUQ+)

This project is the first to test in the Ivorian context if phone-based messages to parents increase engagement in children's schooling and support children's schooling outcomes. We are also testing whether audio messages are more effective than text messages, and for whom, as well as under what conditions. We are working in two regions in Cote d'Ivoire, a setting where children tend to learn little despite being enrolled in school.
This study sought to evaluate a teacher-training and in-classroom coaching program delivered to student-teachers during their pre-service certification. The intensive program was implemented through the student-teaching year, and these individuals were followed as newly-qualified teachers one and two years later. This study is completed, and the published article can be read here.​

United States:

Early Adversity and Children's School Readiness

This project uses U.S. nationally representative data to explore how cumulative exposure to different types of early adversity, namely threat and deprivation -- are associated with various domains of children's school readiness skills, as well as how children's relationship with their teachers moderates or exacerbates these associations.  
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